This Week in Website Performance

This Week in Website PerformanceThis Week in Website Performance is a weekly feature of the blog. It summarizes recent articles about website performance. Why? Because your friends at care.

HTTP Archive: new stats

Author: Steve Souders.

If you are one to see how your site compares to everyone else’s in terms of just about any trend or statistic, then HTTP Archive has been the resource to turn to.  Some new stats have been added including Speed and Cache information.  Steve Souders recently coded these changes and this article nicely explains the new stats and graphs.

Speed geek’s guide to Facebook buttons

Author: Stoyan Stefanov.

These days social networks are powerful tools to make use of.  Adding social buttons to your page is necessary and sometimes have more of a performance hit than is desired.  Facebook’s ‘Like’ button has been reworked to be faster, and if that’s not good enough, this article shows some great little tricks to get your site connected with minimal hit to performance.  I like it!

HTML5 vs Native Mobile App Development: Which option is best?


Fair warning: this slick slideshow is clever marketing for a product, and heavily biased towards building native apps rather than using HTML5.  That aside, some good information is to be had here that can help you decide whether to go with native apps or HTML5 for your next project.  Slides 10 and 11 list some reasons why you might choose one over the other.  I have a small project coming up and I’m not going native, this was a nice affirmation and covered some areas I hadn’t considered.

Speeding Up Page Load Times

Author: Matt West.

This post is another nice list of the few basic things you should do to speed up a website. We see this come up week after week, and for good reason – as continual reminders to cover the basics. This one focuses on having a smaller download, lessening HTTP requests, and leveraging caching.

Super Bowl Sunday 2013 – Audi vs. Mercedes

Author: Jerrod Howlett.

The American Super Bowl sports event attracts big advertising campaigns, and these are tied to websites in order to maximise the reach of advertising dollars. While many sites weren’t up to the demand, and websites faltered, Mercedes and Audi are competing advertisers with websites that handled the load remarkably well. This article analyses their response during this demanding time in a few different ways; with best practice tips generously added along the way.

Master mobile navigation

Author: Aaron Gustafson.

It is challenging to develop for mobile users. With the desire to provide all content balanced against smaller screens and slower networks, there is an art to meet this goal in an easy to use and good looking site. This article digs into a variety of ways to handle navigation on the site in order to maximise content delivery while minimising size.

Are We Under A DDoS Attack?

Author: Sebastian Kruk.

The importance of adequate monitoring is revealed in this article. When site speed monitoring started changed dramatically, a bank thought it might be suffering from a DDoS attack. With appropriate monitoring providing great information and insight (much like what Monitis provides) the true problem was quickly revealed and costly DDoS response measures were avoided. This is a great reminder to be sure you have comprehensive monitoring from Monitis in place now, before problems crop up.

Are we optimizing our images like cavemen?

Author: Joshua Bixby.

Can you imagine the web today without images? Unsurprisingly, statistics show that images take up more than 60% of the page weight these days. Choosing the best image format and colour and pixel density is not an easy process to dial in. Joshua Bixby has put together in instructive article to help us figure out how to handle this weighty issue.