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This Week in Website Performance is a weekly feature of the blog. It summarizes recent articles about website performance. How to make your web site better, how to improve your users experience when they come to your website and how to optimize the overall experience. Why? Because your friends at care.


The Real Cost of Slow Time vs Downtime [SLIDES]

Author: Tammy Everts

In this article the writer unpacks the talking points she gave at a recent conference about the financial impact of slow performance versus the financial impact of outages. Downtimes can obviously have negative impacts on organizations. Here she provides the highlights for calculating short-term and longer-term impacts. The slide deck of her presentation is also provided here for reference.


Useful Premium Plugins for Professional Web Designers and Developers

Author: Kate Dagli

This author of this piece provides a great list of top professional grade plugins that can be used to enhance any individual or commercial website. Everything is here from product sliders to payment modules to shortcodes plugins. Having the right plugins in place can be the key to delivering top-notch websites, leading to happy clients and more visits.


The WordPress Myths that Might Be Bottlenecking Your Online Endeavor

Author: Peter

Despite the fact that WordPress is the markets most sought-after CMS, there are still plenty of “myths” out there about the platform. In this article the writer carefully unpacks the major misperceptions and clarifies why WordPress really stands unrivaled in its range of features, quality, versatility, and support.


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