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October Is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Author: Kimberlee Morrison

During a year when major retailers like Target and Home Depot have experienced huge security breaches, this month’s focus on cybersecurity is certain to get more attention. Focus themes throughout the month will get organizations and individuals thinking more strategically about everything from changing passwords to security infrastructures to developing new tools for security. For more resources and information on this month’s events and how you can get involved, visit


Xamarin – Improved Test Cloud And A Fast Android Emulator

Author: Frederic Lardinois

Xamarin, the cross platform app development service, has just announced several major updates and an altogether new product: 1) the release of its own Android emulator, which will run much faster than Google’s; 2) the launch of Xamarin Insights, the company’s new app monitoring service; and 3) an update to the Xamarin Test Cloud so developers will experience much shorter test times and be able to see videos of how their apps run on various devices.


10 Useful Tools to Manage Your WordPress Blog

Author: Peter

The writer offers a helpful “top ten” list WordPress tools that can significantly help you when editing and managing your blog. For example, VaultPress provides real-time automated cloud backups of your content. Another tool is Edit Flow, which provides clear workflow management of your various WP websites. A convenient and short summary is provided for each resource; definitely a worthwhile read for those who manage WP blogs or websites.




How to Speed Up Your Website

Author: Mitch Schneider

We all get that website speed is critically important. Stats show that a one-second delay can cost you 7% of sales, 11% fewer pageviews, and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. One of the biggest deterrents to web speed are the use of too many heavy images. Many times the issue is not with the number of images used, but the size and density. This article makes a plug for JPEGmini, which claims it can reduce photo size by up to 5x without changing the mage size and original photo quality. In the long run, optimizing your website photos makes load times faster, while also saving money and hard disc space from your hosting company.