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This Week in Website Performance is a weekly feature of the blog. It summarizes recent articles about website performance. How to make your web site better, how to improve your users experience when they come to your website and how to optimize the overall experience. Why? Because your friends at care.



Progressive image rendering: Good or evil?

Author: Tammy Everts


Images account on average for nearly two-thirds of the size of a web page. And even though it’s clear that image rendering and download time is critical to web performance, there has been considerable debate about which image format is the best. This article details a study that the writer participated in to determine exactly how respondents react to different image formats – Original, Progressive JPEG, and PerfectImage – and the kinds of emotional response each engendered. The critical takeaway from this study shows, not surprisingly, that users are extremely sensitive to how images render, and that everything possible must be done to ensure that they load as quickly, clearly, and simply as possible. Read on for a fascinating exploration of the use of neuroscience to better understand web user experience.


Big Data Analytics: Gain a Performance Edge with a Hybrid Solution

Author: Simon Garland


Companies face today face more and more challenges in how to most efficiently gather and analyze their big data. While solutions like in-memory computing will deliver the most speed, they are also the most expensive. Those that rely on more traditional database approaches often struggle with speed. The writer recommends a hybrid approach to computing; this offers the high performance and speed capabilities of in-memory while keeping the vast historical data sets on disk. Hybrid approaches mean that companies can cost-efficiently deliver their big data results with a level of speed and complexity that were previously unavailable.


Good Website Performance is the Link to a Great Web Experience for Consumers

Author: MDG Advertising


The contributors to this article sponsored a study on digital user experience that shows, not surprisingly, that web performance was the one element that defined their user experience the most. Again, we are left with confirmation that web performance and business performance go hand in hand. This is especially true in today’s mobile market. Companies need to do everything they can to exceed customer expectations and provide a second to known user experience.


Confidence in Measuring Mobile ROI/Cross-Platform Performance Still Shaky

Author: Steve Smith


This article provides some helpful feedback on a recent study of mobile marketers cited by Forrester Research. According to the feedback, only 18% of respondents feel “very confident” in their ability to attribute ROI from mobile ads. Furthermore, while 57% say that less than half of their campaigns in 2013 were multiplatform, only 11% say they will increase budgets for cross-platform campaigns significantly this year. According to Forrester, the results indicate a disconnect between the priorities of marketers and the ways they can go about measuring mobile.


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