The Warning Signs of Bad Site Hosting

Since we at Monitis monitor websites and traffic, as well as provide services like web load-testing, I’m always on the lookout for news or stories on the state of web hosting these days.

Well, I found some, and I thought I’d share; these three pieces of advice come from some promo material from a web-hosting company in Australia.

1. Don’t take others’ recommendations for a good web-hosting company. The best strategy is to search for web hosts online; read reviews from actual users. And, if you like, you can contact us, and we at Monitis will give you some good recommendations based on our experience monitoring them.

2. You should be worried if your site, and even the host’s site, goes down for more than 24 hours. What should concern you even more is if you haven’t received a prior warning that your site is down. This is why it’s so important to choose a service to actually watch over the hosting company — an objective party, if you will — who can provide you with notifications, preferably via a wide range of methods (e.g. phone, email, MSM) in the event of an outage. A side note: there’s no good reason for frequent or lengthy outages. Consider instead that the company might just not be doing a professional job managing their servers.

3. Don’t even consider web hosting outfits that don’t have the ability to automate or correctly administer your billing and payments. If you’ve got one already that can’t do this, get rid of them. Often, hosting companies deduct the monthly billing amount from your PayPal or bank account without breaking out charge information to display extra charges. Even if your web hosting company does provide this level of detail, keep close tabs on their billing methods.

Choose carefully when picking website hosts. The last thing you want is to aggravate your end-users and/or lose customers to a competitor who’s just a click away.