Show Off With Shared Modules From Monitis


When it comes to websites and their performance today, all the attention is on; uptime, page load speed and the ability to perform speedy and efficient transactions. Every website is judged by these parameters and it is important that not just you know it but also your visitors, users and customers! Now with the Monitis “shared module” functionality we make this easy for you to display. By taking advantage of this feature you can let everyone see what a wonderful job you and your site are doing.



In the demo above you can see what your clients will see, that your website was up 100% of the time. If you scroll your cursor across the upper right corner of the shared module you can see how it is fully reactive. You can change it from graph, to scatter and table view. Try it for yourself and see! Such performance should be shared and bragged about. Even if your site goes down, as all sites do sooner or later, your clients will still be impressed with your overall site performance as well as your openness in sharing this.


full page load



Above you can see the Full Page Load Monitor as it appears in your dashboard and as it will appear when you share it. And as these are real time and dynamic your customers will see this building just as you do on your own dashboard.


transaction monitoring


In the screen shot above you can see, as will your customers, whatever transaction you have structured to monitor and are now sharing. This can be a simple sign in and like as is shown above or it can be as complicated as 30 individual transaction steps.


You can assign ANY monitor from your dashboard and share it to ANY HTML page you desire (internet or intranet based). Your visitors will be impressed in two ways; first that you so openly share your performance and secondarily with the actual performance results. You can show them that your site, or theirs if your are a service provider, is up and running virtually 100%. You can show them that your website, or theirs, builds the full page in seconds. You can show them that you, or they, process transactions fast, fast, fast.


So start sharing today. Remember, if you can monitor it then you can share it. Impress the world with your professional monitoring capabilities and your outstanding service levels.



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