The Monitis Difference: Helping our customers to deliver continuous and quality web services to their customers


Monitis platform helps businesses and individuals ensure the delivery of continuous and quality web services to their customers by providing visibility of the performance indicators and tools for early problem detection, identification, fixing and prevention.

It is an on-demand platform which customers just use without worrying about installations, maintenance and infrastructure.


Monitis gives business and IT managers, operations, development and quality engineers, sales and customer care departments an understanding of their customer web experience. While other solutions may test individual components by monitoring behind-the-firewall services, Monitis provides a comprehensive service by collecting performance indicators from inside and outside of firewalls as well as directly from client browsers. Having all data in one place, the platform provides unprecedented level of control and manageability both for technical and business users.


Monitis particularly helps to:

Improve sales and customer satisfaction – poor web performance results in low conversion rate and reduced web income, prompting customers to leave a site.


Ensure web business continuity – often companies invest heavily in website design but are not aware of low availability of the site. It is like a shop which closed during normal working hours. By providing early problem notifications Monitis helps the customers reduce and prevent website outages.


Helps to  understand  the customers – by monitoring web traffic, Monitis provides reports from which country your web visitors come, who refers them , which browsers they use, which keyword they use to find your site, how certain events affect the traffic etc.


Understand your site load and plan capacity investments –  real-time tracking of unique visitors and page views in combination with performance metrics provide a unique opportunity to detect load issue and do capacity planning. Customers may detect for example at what load the site performance degrades indicating a need for hardware upgrade or a load balancer.


Control service level of your service providers – your business may also depend on web services provided by third parties. Today’s web applications are more a loose mosaic of services provided by external partners, internal business units,  ISPs etc. Monitis will help to check the SLA (Service Level Agreements) and detect the problem before it affects your business or website.


Monitis is using a proven technology to deliver the promise.

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