The Market Likes MS’s Cloud

Investors who went to Microsoft’s annual meeting came away with positive view of the company’s efforts to develop and grow the cloud, according to an article I recently read.

In the piece, some analysts said that investors had been pulling their money out of Microsoft over concerns that the company wasn’t doing enough to develop new sources of potential revenue. But in the same piece, the analysts noted that Microsoft has a history of adapting technologies invented by others and spreading them to the mass market — and that’s good news.

Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner, at the company’s annual investor meeting in late July, predicted that it would “lead” with the cloud, and cited examples of winning cloud contracts against Google and IBM. That got investment analysts in a positive mood for Microsoft. For example, a Deutsche Bank analyst said that the bank believes the cloud is evolving from a threat to an opportunity for Microsoft.  And some said they believed investors’ hesitancy over Microsoft was probably due to their lack of knowledge about Azure — which encompasses cloud computing and data storage.

Glad to see Microsoft is getting more confidence from investors. I can only hope that more businesses get more confidence, too, that is, in the cloud. Having monitoring services that check servers and networks and cloud platforms certainly helps remove some of the insecurity.