The Cloud & Your Monitoring Vendor

If you’re shopping around for a company that monitors your website transactions, servers or networks, there are many points of comparison that would be worth your time covering in a request for proposal process. But here are some major points that are worthwhile asking a potential vendor:

– How quickly and efficiently can you update your monitoring tools to reflect the latest technological innovations?

– Does the process require downtime or reduced bandwidth that will take resources away from your ability to monitor my site or server?

The Cloud & Your Monitoring VendorCloud – a Nice, Fluffy Model

One of the beautiful things about SaaS models and cloud computing is the ease and timeliness of updating software. Just listen to our own history of providing monitoring service off the cloud and the resources it took to serve clients:

Before we started Monitis, we were developing all sorts of web applications and we were managing them over more than 2,000 servers in multiple data centers. Ugh! We were using multiple tools to monitor and manage budgets, servers, software, storage, updates and access. But none were providing the level of efficiency that we required.

Yet, at the same time, we already had plenty of experience under our belts developing enterprise software, and we were amazed at the speed of development of web applications. So, we decided to merge the best of the two worlds and launch from the cloud.

Advantages of Cloud Monitoring

Now, we’re no longer stuck sitting in data centers or near servers into the wee hours of the morning monitoring semi-automatic processes. Remote access has solved that challenge.

We don’t need special servers to host monitoring solutions – reducing costs so we can pass savings along to our clients. And because of the cloud, IT teams everywhere (not just us) no longer need to worry about software upgrades of monitoring software and how well (or poorly) the new software integrates into their existing systems.

Another advantage: IT consultants don’t have to waste time traveling between clients in order to monitor anything. Instead they can expand their client list simply from the time they’ve gained from avoiding travel.

Hosting companies and other managed-service/cloud-service providers can white label a whole new set of tools creating additional revenue streams, and take advantage of opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction.

So, if you’re an IT manager or consultant investigating reliable and affordable monitoring services, make sure you put a lot of thought into the advantages of the cloud’s infrastructure and ease of use and maintenance when picking a vendor.

For more information on cloud-based application, network and server monitoring services, check out the advantages that award-winning Monitis offers.