Summary of Blog Posts for Week of July 11

I hope everyone is enjoying summertime, at least in the northern hemisphere. I’m about to head out to the pool, but before I go, here is a summary of this week’s blog posts.

1. Introduction to Perl interface for Monitis API
Monitis announces a simple way to access its API through Perl, a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. This post demonstrates some examples for using the API with Perl and describes some of the benefits of the programming language. The source can be found on our Github page.

2. 101 Tips to MySQL Tuning and Optimization
With more and more applications being database driven, many MySQL instances are being pushed to their limits. This post covers 101 ways to improve MySQL performance. The tips are broken down into 5 groups: MySQL Server Hardware and OS Tuning, MySQL Configuration, MySQL Schema Optimization, Query Optimization, and MySQL Backup Procedures. And of course, remember the most useful tip of all: Use Monitis MySQL Monitoring.

3. How to Manage Monitis Monitors with VBScript
Using VBScript and the powerful Monitis API, you can not only create monitors and feed them with data, but you can also manage your monitors and retrieve information. This post demonstrates how to use some scripts to use Monitis without the Web Console. Examples show how to suspend and resume external monitors, and export internal and custom monitor results into a CSV file. The scripts are available in the Monitis Github page.

4. Linux: Secure as a brick
This post outlines some of the best ways to “harden” your Linux server’s security. You want to make your Linux servers as secure as possible without turning it into a brick. Maximize security without losing functionality. All of the ideas implemented in the post are available in shk.

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