Stats Show Improving Numbers for Cloud Services

A recent batch of statistics shows some very encouraging news for the IT industry recovery – particularly the cloud computing sector.

First, over the next five years, expect the cloud computing services market, such as cloud platform monitoring, to balloon to $222.5 billion, fueled by end-users modernizing their networking infrastructure, further proliferation of the Internet and the tumultuous economy, says a new report released by Global Industry Analysts. A perfect storm will combine, and companies will upgrade their networks to cut costs and boost performance.

“As companies modernize their enterprise networking infrastructure, driven by the need to remain competitive, and retain critical survival capabilities, such as, agility and flexibility in a fast changing marketplace, it is opportunities galore for technologies like cloud computing and virtualization, among others,” says the report, according to an account I read. “Simplicity in implementation and low costs are prime factors driving adoption of clouds by large and small enterprises alike.”

Also behind the blistering growth in cloud computing services are the increased number of vendors and offerings and the movement toward more virtualization and green IT efforts.

A survey released in March from Sand Hill Group, which provides investment and management advice to companies in the enterprise software, services and solutions market, found that, while 70% of companies it polled spend only 3% of their IT budgets on the cloud, by 2013, 80% will spend between 7% and 30%.

While I can’t vouch for the numbers in these surveys and studies (after all, it wasn’t long ago that IDC forecast cloud computing would generate $70 billion by 2015), I can say that our monitoring services are growing in demand across all types of companies, from SMEs and enterprises to governments and schools. I’m seeing the growing interest in technology that lets companies power up computing, while reducing IT costs and infrastructure.

Maybe spring is here after all!


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