SMS Auto-Credit. Never miss an SMS alert again.

SMS Auto-Credit. Never miss an SMS alert again.There are times when you run out of SMS credits in your Monitis account. We always give you a heads up when this is about to happen and give you a grace period to refill, but we’ve just added SMS Auto-Credit to make this process even easier. Now you can set your SMS credits to refill automatically whenever you run out.

To use this optional service, go to Account>SMS Balance in your Monitis account, and check the Auto-Credit box. You’ll be able to select the number of SMS to purchase and a payment method. We will then add your SMS credits and email you a payment link for your desired amount. The SMS credits will be available immediately, before you complete payment, so you won’t miss an alert. You’ll still be able to purchase SMS credits on demand in the same place. And remember, SMS credits can be used for Automated Phone alerts as well. Each Phone alert takes 2 SMS credits.