Smart Agent x64 (64-bit) for Windows

Monitis is currently supporting Smart Agent x64 (64-bit) version for Windows.


Please note, when installing Monitis Smart Agent x64 version in place of your x86 (32-bit) one, the setup will automatically assign the old Agent name to the new Agent. Upgrade only if you run x86 (32-bit) agent on x64 Operational system. Do not change the name of the Agent if you want to keep the monitoring data associated with the old Agent.


In case you have already manually uninstalled the old Agent, the new Agent will be named according to the following pattern: [computer name][@][current date:time].

If you still want to keep your previous monitoring data, just enter the old Agent name (available on your Monitis dashboard) under the Agent Name field in the Monitis Smart Agent Controller window.


Learn more about Windows Smart Agent x64 here.


In case of any questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

Smart Agent x64 (64-bit) for Windows