Small Business Solution: Cloud-based Website Monitoring

I read in a new survey of small business owners that they’re not very confident about an economic recovery and that considerable numbers are going to be exercising fiscally conservative strategies to get through expected tough times. For example, 62% see the current state of the U.S. economy as “poor,” while an equal number believe the economy is getting worse.  What’s more, over half are experiencing cash flow issues and about the same number expect to decrease business development spending over the next six months.

discover survey

Source: Discover Card

What struck me most when reading these survey results was how small businesses are stuck between that proverbial rock and hard place. Yeah, they want to grow and be prosperous, but the resources just aren’t there to fund the growth.

Well, in at least one area of small business operations, IT, the beautiful thing about the cloud is that it allows you to avoid spending tons of internal resources for computing needs because, if it’s a public cloud,  there are multiple tenants to share costs.  And small businesses pay for whatever data storage or app usage they use — nothing more. And when it comes to monitoring the website that you put on the cloud, there are very low-cost solutions, too. Take the free tools offered by To name a few, there’s external monitoring (websites and network devices), internal monitoring (CPU, memory, hard disk, and Intranet) and web load testing (making sure your site can handle an attack before it happens).

If you’re a small business and funds are tight, you can still make sure your public face, meaning your website, is running smoothly and, if not, learn about it quickly via notifications — in time to take action.  It doesn’t have to cost much.

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