Schools Need Education About Cloud Issues

One growing cloud computing customer base I don’t talk about nearly enough is universities, high schools – even kindergartens. Teachers and their students are increasingly using the cloud to provide educational content online and enrich the learning experience.

Schools are using cloud services like Blackboard to do things like post homework assignments online, construct and manage online courses, prod students who are late in payments to come up with the cash and, in the event of emergencies, notify students and parents via phone and email messages.

But as we all know, the cloud is not perfect, and things can go wrong. Even the biggest platform providers are suspect to outages, hacking and other security issues.

That’s why, if you’re in the education field, and you’re investing in cloud-based services for education extension, alerts or other modules, it’s wise to employ monitoring services to make sure that your goals of enriching the student experience and keeping in touch in times of emergencies aren’t compromised.

Monitoring can help you maintain continuity with services such as:

– Instant failure alerts

– cloud monitoring (to provide information such as number of instances)

– cloud storage monitoring

transaction monitoring of your site (including tracking the load time for each of your pages)

It pays to educate yourself about how reliable your educational cloud services are and keep informed when they fail.

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