Required Website Monitoring

Open Source eCommerce SoftwareOnline shoppers primarily care about the speed of your website, it’s reliability and your business reputation. Of course it is nice that your website has a crisp sharp appearance and is optimized to get your customers attention but this is actually secondary.  Given these widely known and accepted facts, it is imperative that you monitor that your website is up, operating fast and is processing transactions in a quick and efficient manner. Without monitoring you are operating blind and will inevitably run into a very painful wall. Understanding the baseline drivers of e-shoppers helps us define the baseline monitoring you need to do; website, page build speed/load test and transaction. 



Website Monitoring – Not to overstate the obvious, but if your site is not up and running then you aren’t even getting a chance at business. Nobody sits around watching their own website 24 hours a day but that is exactly what needs to be done. What is required to do this properly is to have in place a cloud based up-time monitoring system that notifies you virtually instantly when your website is down or has a performance issue. The monitoring architecture should be such that it; checks availability and response times from multiple locations around the globe, alerts on outages and performance and produces daily, weekly and monthly performance reports. The frequency of this monitoring should be as often as possible and is best if it is every minute. The bottom line is you need to be in service all the time and you need to know quickly anytime your website is down. For greater detail of additional features click here.


HTTP monitor


Web Load Tester – So your website is up and running but that is just part of the challenge. As stated above, if customers have a slow experience as they try to visit your website and see your products and services they will get frustrated, give up and go away …. and in the majority of cases they will never return. Multiple studies have shown and it is widely agreed that even a 1 second drop in speed from the target of 2 seconds per page build will cost you 7% of your planned annual revenues. Given such a risk, the question should be, “why aren’t you already monitoring this?”  Web Load testing (full page load) is a test you can run anytime you want and it will simulate traffic to your site from various locations and in quantities of “virtual” customers as you define. This should be done at various times and for various reasons. The most obvious is what we just stated, to make sure your pages build fast and thus protect your revenues. A second and very important reason to run this test is to stress test your website when you are expecting a surge in traffic, such as when you run a special promotional or sale. For more information click here.


Full Page Load


Transaction Monitor – As an ecommerce business whose life line is reliant upon website transactions for leads, closing online sales and generating your revenues this is a hugely important component. Even if your website is online and building pages quickly, if your customers stumble as they attempt to make the purchase they will get annoyed quickly and abandon you and go to your competition.  The need for speed and efficiency during the transaction phase of their visit to your website is critical in closing the sale, creating a satisfied customer and maintaining your overall business reputation. Thus the need, not the option, but the need to monitor this step in the process. For more information on this click here.


Transaction step report


Your business and your revenues rely on your website. Your customers rely on your website. Be smart and put in place an efficient and complete cloud based monitoring system that pays attention to the finite detail your specific business needs. You have spent a lot of time, energy and capital in creating and building your business, don’t move forward without the insurance of a leading edge monitoring system to protect that investment. If you do it right today then you will have taken a big step in protecting your tomorrow.










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