Q3 Additions and Enhancements from Monitis

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During the past few months the product development team at Monitis has been working away diligently to bring you the features and services you have been asking for.  Since the close of the summer we have been steadily rolling out features that will enlarge your monitoring capabilities and make your IT life easier.  Take a quick read through the list below and just imagine how you can take advantage of these.


Enhanced Load Tester – The upgraded version of load tester was released in plenty of time prior to the crazy holiday shopping season so that all of our e-commerce customers would be able to stress and test their websites in advance.



enhanced load tester



Shared Monitors – With this neat feature you can share any monitor from your Monitis dashboard and embed it on your website to let others know just how good you are doing in regards to providing top tier services. Since you work so hard to provide your customers with the best online services you can why not brag about it by letting them see real time performance.


shared monitors

















TomCat Monitor – With the Monitis TomCat Monitor you will add a new level visibility into your web application stack and gain deeper insight into the overall performance that will assist you in root cause analysis when you do see a trouble. See; traffic processed by the server, average response times, average uptime, error count and response count. Basically, see it all!




Increased Global locations – We have added multiple sites to our worldwide network on sites that you can monitor from. With in excess of 30 diverse sites that are strategically located in the major markets of the world you can truly see how your users from anywhere see you.


global monitoring

















Windows Service Monitor –  You can now have complete monitoring of your Microsoft Windows Services, such as; Exchange server, SharePoint, MSSQL, DHCP and more.


windows service monitoring


While these five are an example of the additions and improvements we have made they are by no means the entire list. We have also added the User voice function so that we can hear your needs and wishes even better, have improved our Group Management functionality to make it more dynamic and user friendly and have just recently released Sub Accounts 2.0.


So as you can see, we have been quite busy improving what was already an industry leading service and we do this because we hear what you say and because we care.

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