Greener, Easier, and more Affordable: Why Monitis Internal Monitoring is Better than Open-Source Monitoring

Everybody wants low- or lower-cost computing these days. Add being a good citizen to that list – in terms of being environmentally responsible and greener computing. What you’ve got is a good argument for cloud-based internal monitoring – even more so than using open-source monitoring – which is, in at least some sense, free.

Let me explain.

So, if you want to run Nagios, Zabbix or a similar free and open-source product, you need a server. Nagios, which uses CPU very intensively (due to its architecture) needs quite a robust server – one with plenty of muscle. Now, a typical server could eat up between 0.5 to several kilowatts. If you figure in the cooling costs, UPS and other equipment, let’s safely assume that that server will use 1 kilowatt.

That translates to 24 kilowatt hours (kWh) per day, or 672 kWh per month – for a grand total of 8,760 kWh per year.

Let’s do a bit more figuring here because we’re not done totaling up the costs. Research from the Department of Energy shows that the average cost of residential electricity was 12 cents per kilowatt hour in the U.S. in April 2009, and ranged from 7 cents in frozen North Dakota to 26 cents in air conditioner-dependent Hawaii.So, from this little figuring, let’s make some quick calculations:

8,760 kilowatts X 12 cents = $1,051.20.

That’s the amount of your electricity costs for running one server per year.

A More Cost-Effective, Greener Way

Now let’s look at another more cost-effective way of internal monitoring.10 Monitis Cloud-Based Monitoring Benefits

Monitis’ Basic plan costs $98 per year, and Monitis Plus plan costs $384 per year. Neither requires you to have a server in-house. Plus, Monitis barely makes a carbon shadow, never mind a footprint. Monitis’ tiny internal monitoring agent can be co-located on any server within an enterprise data center.

What we’ve looked at so far are infrastructure costs for the two ways of internal monitoring. But we haven’t even yet considered the labor costs to your organization that comes with traditional server-based, open-source monitoring. That typically involves weeks of system set-up time and many hours of maintenance efforts for chores like patching, updating and configuring open-source software. With Monitis’ quick set-up feature, you don’t even need to consider those costs.

Let’s not forget server depreciation costs, too, which will depend on the scope of your IT needs and computing efforts. For a large organization, we’re talking quite a considerable sum.

You may have expected me to say this, but I recommend cloud-based monitoring. But don’t take my word for it. Consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) alone.

For more on cloud-based monitoring versus open-source software, check out an additional blog post on Monitis.

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