Praise for Monitis from The 451 Group

I’m proud to tell you that Monitis has gotten the thumbs up from leading tech analysts The 451 Group.

“The cloud is the next frontier of IT operations management,” said Dennis Callaghan, enterprise software analyst at The 451 Group. “With its ability to do performance monitoring, testing and configuration management in the Cloud, and of workloads running in the Cloud, at an affordable price, we believe Monitis is a company to watch in the nascent Cloud management space.”

On its own, this positive comment is pretty impressive. But we’ve also been chosen by 451 to take part in their 2009 Innovators’ Showcase – at its Fourth Annual Client Conference on November 3-4 at Boston’s Marriott Longwharf Hotel.

We’re one of only six tech companies to be invited, and the event will include a pretty cool competition that will enable conference attendees (venture capitalists, investment bankers, enterprise IT end users, software and hardware vendors and system integrators) to “invest” in Innovators Showcase companies. It’ll work like this: attendees will receive 451 Group scrip, and the Showcase company that gets the most scrip (after making presentations about their technology and services) will be honored at the end of the conference.

We’re going to present our vision: “Monitoring in the Cloud: Monitor Anything from Anywhere.” I’ll be pleased, too, to have by my side one of our early customers, Schoolwires, Inc. They provide strategic online communication, website and community management and productivity solutions to K-12 schools. And they’ve been using our all-in-one suite of cloud-based monitoring tools for more than two years to track and report on activity on the 1,200-plus web sites that Schoolwires manages. And they’ve reaped major efficiencies and reduced costs, among other benefits.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, and I’ll be sure to report back on how the conference went!


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