Plowing Learning Back into Our Product

I got lots of inspiration, personally, from reading an account of an interview with Justin Crotty, the vice president of services sales at Ingram Micro, a Santa Ana, CA-based wholesale provider of tech products and supply chain services.

In the interview, Crotty said he was tired of hearing that the cloud held no value proposition for solution providers and distributors. I immediately took notice because I’m a solution provider – of cloud-based monitoring services. “Just because you buy something or provision something doesn’t mean it’s going to work,” said Crotty.

Naturally, I agree. Our Monitis end-to-end monitoring solution service lots of companies daily who find that their apps or website or cloud provider is not working smoothly. What’s more, the value proposition for me is in making them aware of the situation—through a menu of notification services we offer.

But what really I really liked about Crotty’s interview with ChannelWeb was his advice for would-be cloud service providers: Cloud computing is still an evolving technology, but solution providers should not be afraid to take risks — and learn from mistakes.

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