Plan Your Cloud Data Back Up

The fifth generation of computing, the biggest thing since the web is cloud computing i.e., a means where data can be stored in web applications and accessed from anywhere and any browser. However, it is not without a backup plan. You need to safeguard all your data when you sense a storm coming with the help of these tools. Though advantageous with respect to storing and accessibility, it is disadvantageous as it is dependent on an external service to host, update, and maintain your much needed and beloved software. In doing so you place your data on computers that are not controlled either by you or at a single point of access resulting in failure of companies that can be shut down or bought, their accounts locked up, your servers and you become off-line. However, popular online services help you store your E-mail, pictures, files, address book, bookmarks, and journal entries in the cloud computing with easy ways to back up all your information from the cloud to your computer (learn more about free tools for backup here).

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