PicsArt Sees the Bigger Picture with Monitis




PicsArt, a powerful free photoediting and drawing tool, helps users create, connect and collaborate through visual art.
The app provides hundreds of photo editing tools to transform any photo with effects and masks, photo manipulations, collages and more, as well as create masterpieces from scratch with its drawing tools. Aimed at encouraging creative expression and the exchange of inspiration, PicsArt also hosts a global social network that connects artists through image sharing, art contests and collaborative editing.


However, with downtime and malfunction always a looming threat, PicsArt knew it needed greater visibility into its entire IT infrastructure to continue to provide the level of service users have come to expect.


Finding the Right Monitoring Solution


When PicsArt began looking for a new monitoring solution that could meet its growing needs, it had a long list of non-negotiable items, including the ability to obtain constant visibility into its website and online applications to prevent downtime and slow performance. It also needed the solution to provide alerts, as well as monitor system metrics, statuses and end-point calls internally and externally from different locations. After searching through multiple solutions, PicsArt selected Monitis, an advanced all-in-one monitoring cloud-based solution.


With no software to buy or manage, PicsArt was up and running with Monitis’ monitoring solution in a matter of minutes. Today, PicsArt enjoys a customizable dashboard with real-time views of website uptime and response time, server health, network performance and more. With frequent check intervals as short as one minute, IT is never left guessing what customers are seeing.


Monitis also provides PicsArt with the ability to create and share interactive charts and detailed reports that display what data they want, the way they want. This is extremely helpful when system administrators are looking to create reports for a wide range of audiences, including IT managers and C-suite executives.
As issues can arise almost instantaneously, PicsArt is able to take full control of its alerts so there is never a delay in notification. Whether it’s via email, SMS, Twitter or phone, the IT department is alerted immediately, allowing issues to be fixed before customer experience is impacted. In addition, with an easy-to-use API and full documentation, there are virtually limitless opportunities to monitor any kind of system and business metrics using Monitis.


High User Expectations Increases Need for CDN Monitoring


According to Kissmetrics, 47 percent of consumers expect a page to load in two seconds. If a site takes three seconds or longer to load, 40 percent of people will leave the site. To meet the expectations of its global customer base, PicsArt utilizes content delivery networking (CDN).


CDN is technology that replicates content on various data centers around the world. According to Webopedia, when a user requests a webpage that is part of a content delivery network, CDN will redirect the request to a server that is geographically closest to the user. This increases the speed at which content is delivered and enhances user experience, playing a major role in user retention and is a measure that Google uses to rank websites.


Due to the unique mechanics of CDN technology, PicsArt required a solution that had the capacity to monitor system behavior and networks in multiple countries. To address these needs, Monitis’ HTTP / HTTPS monitoring sends out requests to its website at regular intervals to check the availability and response time of the website and external infrastructure – which are the most visible to users, making them the most critical – from multiple locations around the world. PicsArt can also set these alerts by specific locations, while still having the ability to see all servers and websites in the single map view. This is especially important for CDN users and companies with multiple offices, as is the case with PicsArt.
“As a global company with a high volume of users and content, there are many moving parts that must be working properly 24/7/365,” says Artavazd Mehrabyan, Chief Operating Officer at PicsArt. “Monitis is an all-in-one platform that provides us with the critical insight needed to stay prepared”.

“We are now able to measure product performance and end user experience in real-time, allowing us to make any necessary improvements on a daily basis. By getting a clearer picture of our network, we are ultimately able to keep our IT infrastructure – which is mission critical for our business – running smoothly”.

With Monitis, PicsArt can continue to be a one-stop-shop for all photo-editing and drawing needs on a variety of devices. With the ability to have constant visibility over its entire extended network, PicsArt continues to keep its current network of millions of artists happy, as well as attract new users from around the world.

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