Paying with PayPal

The users often ask questions regarding payments with PayPal. Because also uses PayPal as its only payment method, it will be worth to describe the process of payment. So after filling in the necessary info and accepting Terms of Service you are redirected to PayPal. In the following snapshot you can see an example of “Basic plan” as it is shown in PayPal. As you can see in the “Terms” section the first 30 days are totally FREE and only after that you should pay to use the service.

Subscription Plan

If you already have an existing PayPal account you should choose the corresponding option as it is shown in the following snapshot and fill in the necessary info for using your account.

PayPal account exists

Otherwise you should sign up for a PayPal account by choosing “No PayPal account” and filling the necessary info as it is shown in the following snapshot. You can use any credit card for opening a PayPal account(it will take a couple of minutes). It is worth to mention that all the information is confidential and is handled by PayPal which ensures it security.

Customer doesn’t have a PayPal account

So now when you’ve finished with subscription you will be redirected to Monitis home page and can use your e-mail and password for logging in to your Monitis account.

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