Notifications 101

If you’re an IT person, you’ve probably experienced a flood of alerts to your phone or email for a downtime issue you already knew about.  Chances are there’s also been a time when you weren’t notified fast enough for an important issue only to hear about it from management a day later.  These all too common incidents are why a powerful notification module is necessary for a great IT monitoring solution. 

The two main qualities to look for are reliability (to make sure you get notified when you need to) and flexibility (to specify when and how to receive notifications and when not to).  At Monitis we’ve taken great measures to ensure the reliability of our notifications.  We use world-class and backup providers for SMS and Email alerts, the same used by Oracle, Nokia, and CNN.  We are also cloud-based, which means that if your entire data-center goes down, our notification system will still be up to alert you.  The same is not true for monitoring software.  

We’ve also designed our notification system to be flexible and easy-to-setup.  Here are some features that come in very handy.  

Notifications form

Here we have set up a rule for one contact to receive email alerts after 3 consecutive failures in European monitoring locations, and we are preparing  a rule to receive SMS alerts after 2 consecutive failures in the US.   By using the options pointed out and combining multiple rules, any customized notification strategy can be achieved to ensure that the proper person gets notified at the right time when this monitor reads a failure.  We can have alerts sent to admins after 1 minute of downtime, and an alert sent to the IT manager after 10 minutes of downtime creating an escalation path for persistent failures.

                We also have the option to set rules for a contact rather than a monitor.  For example, you can specify that an email address should receive notifications after 3 US failures for any external monitor or from a group of monitors with a common tag name.  First click on the settings icon in the Contacts box and “Specify Rules.”  This form will pop up.

Notifications form

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