New Whitepaper: Monitis Cloud Monitoring versus In-House Monitoring Software

New Whitepaper: Monitis Cloud Monitoring versus In-House Monitoring SoftwareI have a new whitepaper that I want the world to know about.  I’m pretty proud of my new baby; it’s called “Monitoring from the Cloud: Monitis versus In-House Monitoring Software.” As you can guess by the title, I pretty much prove why it’s better to monitor your apps, servers, networks and such via cloud-based monitoring technology versus in-house monitoring software.

To be frank, cloud-based monitoring like Monitis is superior over in-house (even open-source) software because it’s:

  • has robust notifications and alerts (which you’ll miss if, again, your network, email server, firewall or router is down)
  • is quick and easy to set up (10 minutes, tops versus weeks to months for open-source because you have to set up a dedicated server, database and the actual software)
  • got low cost of entry, total cost of ownership (TCO) and maintenance (no dedicated main or back-up servers required ($2,000+ each), no server electricity costs ($1,000-plus yearly), plus no team of IT people required to update the software, as Monitis is updated automatically and is available for all to use)
  • allows monitoring from outside your company via a network of global servers versus in-house software’s ability to monitor only within a firewall
  • easily scalable to suit your growing computing needs, while in-house (open source) software often fails for any enterprise using over 100+ servers
  • green,” as you don’t burn up thousands of watts of energy via servers and create an ugly, giant carbon footprint
  • cool,” which means we use cool technology such as the cloud and Web 2.0 tools and widgets and so much more.