New Snapshot Views and Full Page Monitor this week, and more to come!

This week we rolled out a couple new updates to the Monitis dashboard.

When you’re monitoring more than 20 or 30 services you need a good way to view them in one place.  That’s what the newly improved Monitis Snapshot views are for.  Let’s take a look at the External and URL Snapshots.
Each row is now click-able, so when you click a URL a more detailed view of that monitor will appear.   You can have multiple External Snapshots on different tabs, each set with a different tag-name.  In the URL Snapshot you can view your most critical URLs (the ones with the slowest response time) or just the top 10, 20, or 30.  Each column in these tables can be sorted, so you can quickly rank by response time or by URL alphabetically.

Internal Snapshots are similar.
The Windows Agents Snapshot shows a list of your Windows servers being monitored and their basic performance metrics.  The CPU, Memory, Drive, and Load Snapshots show the servers that require the most urgent attention.  Using tag-names and the sorting feature, monitoring even hundreds of servers becomes possible.

We also added the Full Page Monitor this week.  It is essentially an advanced external monitor.  It not only shows the response time of a webpage, but also the HTTP response code, total download time, DNS and Connection time, time to the first and last byte, and the total size of objects (js, css, images, external scripts, flash) in the webpage.  This is a great way to identify bottlenecks to your webpages.  Remember, research shows that it only takes a couple seconds before your visitors give up on your site.

To try it out, go to Add Monitor>Full Page and fill in the necessary fields.  Then click Add.
This test loads Yahoo every 5 minutes.  Click the dot and a window containing the individual objects and a table will pop up.

It’s that easy.  And Full Page Monitors start at only $5/location/month for a 20 minute interval, so you can monitor all your webpages without breaking your wallet. More features coming soon, so stay tuned!

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