NEW – Monitis Avalaible on Zapier

Monitis and Zapier




Monitis is excited to announce that we are now on Zapier! You now have the ability to integrate Monitis with hundreds of other web apps to automate tasks and save even more of your precious time.





Get optimized business and operational results by taking advantage of this dynamic integration. By combining Monitis premier services with the automation of Zapier we are confident that your IT life just got better and easier. With this new capability you can:


1. Register alerts and alert clearings in your Google docs

2. Have alerts and alert clearings documented on your Google calendar

3. Set it up so alerts trigger internal emails

4. Trigger alerts to be shared with specific key accounts


These simple examples and steps will help you in; record keeping, identifying troubles and trouble patterns, improve both internal and external communications, improve performance and drive to business excellence. To learn more click here.


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