New feature: Public Widget

Those of you who were using our free version are already familiar with public widgets. Now this feature is also available in Monitis. Users can decide which metrics they wish to display and which URLs they want to be tracked. Monitis allows users to select fonts and text colors that match the rest of their pages for the HTML code which they may embed into their pages. Each Widget is updated to display over the past week or month, the performance and uptime. Widgets can objectively demonstrate the stability of the web page that shows how well the site has been doing recently. Stability is a major component of image, therefore, stability of operation and accessibility of your website is a part of your company. Monitis helps to strengthen its image and to do so recognizable to the public. Widget can be created by the following Tools->Public Widget menu item. Below you can see an example of such a widget, which can be embedded into your website.

Public Widget

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