New feature: Public Report

Another enhancement to currently existing reports was introduced by Monitis Team couple of days ago, that is “Public Report”.  Users can build their branded public reports, which means they can provide their logos that will be visible on the top of their public reports. Monitis provides dedicated URLs to view these reports with or without password protection. The users will have the option to select the specific sites to be reported with these options: interval (weekly, daily, monthly), specific month, last month, or the current month. Monitis users are the creators of public reports, which they may choose to make available to all website visitors at their discretion.  Each report will be constantly updated, and will have a permanent URL.  Customers can use these reports to make it clear to visitors that their website is available at any time and to demonstrate how well their website performs. These reports may be used both by site owners and service providers. In order to generate a public report you need to check the “Public Report” option when adding any report from New Report->External. For existing reports you can find this option in the edit mode of the report. You can see an example of such a report below.

Public Report

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