New and Improved Contact Management and Billing From Monitis

With the improved Contact Management now you can do everything you need from a single window – create, delete or rename your contact groups, or, add/edit/remove contacts and assign contacts to specific group. It’s also much easier to set up alert rules and customize them between the groups. So now your tasks of managing your contacts and alerts just got easier!


Contacts Manager Window (2)



Now, from this single window view, you can do virtually everything you will ever need to do with your contacts, contact groups and even your unique alert settings. Life just got simpler and quicker for you.


Billing 2.0 is here now. With our improved billing service we have made life easier and smoother for you.  With the enhanced system we have is set so that you only have to input your billing preference and information one time, then you are set to go. We have also listened and heard your comments and have implemented an “auto refill” capability for your sms needs. With the “auto refill” in place you no longer need to take time out of your busy day to make manual payments. So no worries about running out ever again. Another nice little modification is that if you change your package plan the billing will automatically adjust and prorate your modification the moment you make the change. As always, we are very attentive and sensitive to the security of your payment information and thus the information is not even held by us. The information you input is directly and securely transmitted to our billing agent, who is a certified  PCI level 1 agent (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), the most stringent and secure level there is. Thus, everything is simple, automated and super secure!



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