Network Server Monitoring Optimizes Your Business


Network Server Monitoring Optimizes Your BusinessIt would be a big challenge today to find a business that does not rely on computer technology. Even the smallest of businesses require this and the vast majority of businesses moves well beyond that simple level and establish their own networks. Doing this allows; streamlining operations, enhanced  communications, shared data storage, consolidated reporting and sharing common applications. The servers that are required are the hidden power supporting the business, giving it the strength it requires to continuously operate smoothly.  As with any system used for your critical business functions it needs to be monitored all the time to insure that it is functioning at optimum levels.


Whether you are a small real estate office, a doctors practice, a car dealership, a department store, a university, a government, an airline or anything else, the havoc that would be caused if your network or servers went down is obvious. No customer orders could be taken, no emails could be sent, no billing could occur, no appointments made and no connection to the internet. If your telephone service is VOIP and residing on your server then your isolation from the rest of the world will be total and your business will grind to a complete halt. This may sound a bit dramatic but the reality is that it is true. In today’s world, to be without computer technology at your fingertips and running fast and smooth, the sudden lack of access to technology thrusts you back into the stone ages.


At a minimum you need to be performing the following every minute of every day;


  • CPU Monitoring
  • Memory Monitoring
  • Storage and Disk Monitoring
  • Network Bandwidth Monitoring
  • SNMP Device Monitoring
  • TCP Protocols (UDP, SIP, IMAP, POP, SMTP, etc)
  • WAN Monitoring


With these basic components of server monitoring in place you will be able to assure that the applications residing on your server are fully available, running at top speeds and thus increasing your business or organizations productivity.


With Monitis Cloud based Server Monitoring you will have a tool that provides you with real time observation of your servers performance. You will receive virtually instant alerts when we see performance in any area degrading and you will be able to respond quickly to either alleviate the situation before it becomes a major issue or in the case of a mission critical failure you will be in a position to speed up service restoral.  Once server monitoring is configured and in place, you can;


  • Relax and focus on other work confident with the knowledge that if there is any issue you will be the first to know
  • Tune your Web, server and Cloud based applications to optimum performance levels
  • Increase profits and impress everyone with your professionalism.


In today’s high tech world whizzing along at break neck speeds you will be able to maintain the highest service levels on mission critical applications and have your business in a position to be extremely efficient and customer focused and thus gain a significant competitive edge. Take advantage of the tools we have available for you and reap the rewards.