Multi-step Application (Transactions) Monitoring Case Study

Today, more companies than ever are offering complex business services over the Internet via cloud computing. For business-critical applications, every minute of downtime means lost sales, customers and opportunities. It is a challenge to keep websites up and running round the clock.

Web monitoring services can help businesses make sure that their sites are functioning. Yet, simply checking if a website is working and online doesn’t mean that users are having a satisfactory experience. It’s like driving a 20-year old car. Is it working? Well, yes. But are you enjoying the bumpy, rattly ride? That’s another story.

Due to many reasons like peak traffic at rush hours, publicity campaigns that drive people to sites, a bug in software, database issues or the failure of third-party services, your online applications can become slow or non functional, disappoint visitors and prod them to leave and visit rival sites.

The answer is transaction monitoring services, which have two goals:

1. ensuring fast application performance and good user experience for visitors from anywhere around the globe
2. guaranteeing complete business functionality of applications 24 hours, seven days per week

Multi-step Application (Transactions) Monitoring Case Study

Package Delivery, Transportation and Logistics Case Study

Lets consider how a Monitis Inc., customer, the world’s largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics, uses transaction monitoring to ensure the continuous availability of billing and reporting modules on the company’s website. They’ve used Monitis to monitor the following activities on their site every 5 minute, 24 hours per day:

1. open the website
2. logging in to the system, using a “test” user account
2. go to the payments’ page and search for available invoices
3. find the latest invoice and go to the details’ page and check certain content
4. go and check the history of all invoices
5. go to the report generation page
6. generate report of payments and check the content
7. download the report
8. sign out from the system

Monitis Transaction Monitoring Summary Report

Multi-step Application (Transactions) Monitoring Case Study
The above Monitis report summarizes the end-user customer experience for the company, reporting peak, mid-point and low activity periods. To investigate low-activity periods, the company studied a Monitis detailed transaction report, shown below, and discovered that its Sign In/Sign Out and Invoice History pages were slow. As a result of studying this information, the company was able to pinpoint operational issues, optimize its database and, in the end, improve the user experience for its visitors and customers.

Multi-step Application (Transactions) Monitoring Case Study
Continuous transactions monitoring ensures high functional availability for the application. You can read more Monitis blog posts about transactions monitoring best practices! Or Download Application and Transaction Monitoring Users Guide here.