MSPN Attracted 100 Partners in 2 Months





Monitis Inc, a leading provider of IT monitoring solutions for small and midsize companies, is building a global Monitis Solutions Provider Network (MSPN). Within two months of its launch, more than 100 partners enrolled into the program to enjoy partner advantages such as reselling or providing monitoring services to their clients.

Monitis MSPN program helps value-added resellers (VARS) and managed service providers to offer IT monitoring services to their clients. MSPN membership just crossed the 100 members mark since its launch less than 2 months ago. Our partners geographic location is also impressive – MSPN partners are from around 40 countries, including the US, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, India, Israel, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia. The largest groups are in Europe, followed by the US.

MSPN members enjoy several partner benefits such as re-branded monitoring services, dedicated support, preferential rates and training. Originally Monitis was focused on SOHOs and the SMEs market, although customers like VARs and MSPs started using Monitis to monitor and deliver effective support to their customers.

“We are working one-to-one with our partners to better understand their needs and ways we can provide more value,” says Hovhannes Avoyan, Monitis CEO and Founder, “We are receiving very good feedback which helps to make our product targeted to VARs and MSPs needs. Our platform’s architecture is easily configurable and could be adjusted to different use cases.”

Monitis differentiates itself from other website monitoring solutions in a number of aspects.  Particularly, it allows remote monitoring of servers and networks even from within an enterprise firewalls.  This feature makes the product ideal for a small IT service provider which delivers IT support services to other 10-30 customers.

About Monitis
Monitis is a leading provider of comprehensive IT monitoring and analytics. Companies use Monitis website performance monitoring to gain competitive advantages through efficient business execution, quality user experience and nonstop operations. Monitis checks and measures IT performance metrics globally and locally 24×7. The company serves more than 20,000 service subscribers and monitors more than 75,000 sites and devices, performed more than 14 million checks per day.