Most Popular: Salesforce

Most Popular: SalesforceA recent survey by Information Week magazine, the InformationWeek Analytics 2010 survey, has found that is the most popular software-as-a-service provider.

According to the survey, 41% polled said is their vendor of choice, leaps and bounds ahead of Google, which received 28% of the vote.

A bit more than a quarter of those surveyed (26%), said Oracle and Microsoft (for example, Office 2010) were their favorites.

Recently, Larry Fisher, director of next-generation research at ABI Research, forecast that the growing popularity of cloud computing services used by individuals, for example, Gmail and Google Docs, will influence more companies to migrate to the Cloud as well.

In fact, could that be the strategy behind Microsoft’s tying its online app capability to its corporate-standard Microsoft Office application suite? In his review for InformationWeek of Office 2010 and its Web components, Ivan Schneider said that “these humble Web services [as part of Microsoft 2010] may help Microsoft turn the tables on its upstart online challengers, regaining its once-dominant prominence in 21st century computing.”

I can see the logic in this argument; Word (of mouth, not the software) from consumers about the reliability of cloud apps (for example, article in the media) undoubtedly influences a lot of companies to migrate to the cloud for data storage or apps.

One thing that is not a given, however, is that cloud-based software runs trouble-free all the time. All you need to do is consider what can go wrong with apps and web transactions and the like (and it happens when you least expect it), and you’ll come to the conclusion that 24/7 monitoring is indispensible.

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