More Innovation from Monitis: Smart Agent Perl Installer

More Innovation from Monitis: Smart Agent Perl InstallerHere at Monitis, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to improving and enhancing our products. We want our monitoring tools to constantly become more perfect than they are. That’s why we’re always posting about different or new ways to use Monitis — or adding new features.

This post is about the latest new feature we’re adding Monitis Agent Installer for Linux platforms — supported by Monitis Perl library v0.9.

First, you need to install Monitis Perl library:

cpan Monitis  

And you also need to have API and Secret keys. You can always can get both from your account at: under Tools -> API -> API key.

The next step is to run installation script. It’s as easy as typing the following in the console:


You will be asked for your keys and account name. Also installer script will ask for the installation path and agent name, but you may use default values just by pressing the Enter key:

Monitis API KEY: ***
Monitis SECRET KEY: ***
Account name (email):
Path for installation: [/home/user] 
New agent name: [testhost@20:06:2011:15:48:11] 
Starting Monitis agent:
Monitis agent 'testhost@20:06:2011:15:48:11' started. PID: 2940
Check if Monitis API found agent 'testhost@20:06:2011:15:48:11'
Add default monitors:
CPU monitor... ok
Memory monitor... ok
Drive monitor... ok
Process monitor... ok
Load Average monitor... ok
HTTP monitor... ok
Ping monitor... ok

Installer script initiates seven default monitors for the newly installed agent. You can find them in the ‘Monitors -> Manage Monitors -> Internal (agent)’ menu and change parameters if you need.

Also feel free to use installer source code to create your own batch installer for multiple monitors.

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