Comprehensive Data for Web Analytics

Good news for blog and website owners, managers, web marketer and webmasters! With updated Monitis Visitor Tracking service you can now monitor in real-time not only the number of visits and pageviews, but also get comprehensive statistics related to your visitors, such as their countries, cities, IPs, OSs used, browsers used, referrers, which show where they came from and keywords, which were used to find your site. So by combining every piece of information together, you will get an overall view and a better understanding of your web performance.

Countries and Cities view of your visitors widget will help you to find out if you targeted your products or services to the intended markets or not, or in case you do some advertisement if you are succeeding with it or not. You can see below some screenshots, which illustrate how visits demographic statistics will be shown on your dashboard.

Monitis Visitor Tracking Countries&Cities

The next important piece of information is the IPs of your visitors, which could be used to distinguish the ISPs your visitors use more often. By using this info you can find out why many of your visitors are using this ISP and not the other one. Maybe the problem is in your site’s slow response?

Monitis Visitor Tracking IPs

Operating Systems of your visitors will be of interest for you in case you’re selling some software products for specific OSs. So this info will help you to find out if your visitors would like to use your software or not. In case you see that most of your visitors are using an OSs which your product doesn’t support, maybe it will help you to decide to support that OS in the next release of your product.

On the other side for the providers of web services it will be more of interest to find out the popular browsers. In case you see that most of your visitors are using Firefox, but you know that IE is more widespread nowadays, you will try to find out the cause of this trend, maybe your website is not supporting well IE.

Monitis Visitor Tracking OSs and Browsers
Finally, lets consider Referrers and Keywords statistics. Referrers will help you to monitor where your visitors come from, in case you’re running ad campaign somewhere, you can monitor if you succeed with it by looking on the number of visitors referred from the website your ad is placed on. Keywords  let you find out the words or phrases which your visitors are using in search engines and afterwards bring them to your website. This information will help you to optimize the site for search engines, better selecting and tuning keywords in the content of your page or blog.

Monitis Visitor Tracking Referrers and Keywords

We’ve now finished with the description of each piece of data, and we think this info will help online shops, service providers, and others to know  their visitors better, thus satisfy their needs better, which is the most important thing in every business nowadays.

We also provide these statistics in our free service at, but in limited scope.

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