More CIOs Strategic About Cloud

The year’s not over yet, but 2010 has so far been a year for cloud computing advances. To name a few trends: more companies migrated from internal apps and databases. Service providers grew.

More CIOs Strategic About Cloud

CIOs get serious about the Cloud

And, according to a new survey, CIOs around the world finally “got it” about the Cloud. CIOs are now better informed about the Cloud market and have become more ready to start making commitments in the cloud space, versus a year ago. What’s more, the new survey says that CIOs are now adding both public and private cloud models to their services sourcing portfolio, just as they’ve done in the past with outsourced and managed services.

What’s really interesting, however, is the changing attitude about the cloud among CIOs. IDC’s annual APEJ Cloud Computing end-user survey revealed that more CIOs now think of the Cloud as an extension of their sourcing strategies — rather than a collection of new web-based technologies.

I wish I could share some numbers from this survey with you, but the article I came across about the survey didn’t mention any. That’s okay, though, because what IDC has officially measured with a poll, I can confirm in my dealings every day with clients. CIOs are rapidly maturing in their attitudes toward and knowledge of the cloud — and the trend has only been hastened by economic necessities to pare IT costs.

How do I know this? I’m having more CIOs come up to me and say, “We’ve finally made the switch, but now we want to make sure our decision was the right one.” That’s why they’re following up cloud computing moves with decisions to monitor their cloud providers. Enterprises want to know when a cloud platform is down. And, if it’s up, they want to know how it’s performing. I can’t give you any stats yet on our customer growth rate…but I can tell you that I’m smiling writing this, rather than worrying.

I’m sure that CIOs will continue to “get it” about the Cloud. But more importantly, they’ll continue to realize the seriousness of their investment and protect that investment with good, cloud-based monitoring services.