Monitoring World Cup 2014 with Monitis

Every four years the football world is driven into a frenzy as the dreams and expectations of fans and players alike are driven ever higher. World Cup 2014 has come and gone. The world watched in awe as the best teams and players all competed to win the coveted cup. Nations cheered and cried as they saw their teams win and lose. And like everyone else, we here at Monitis were cheering at grimacing as our favorite teams won and lost. But for this World Cup we decided to use our monitoring platform to keep an eye some of the interesting side stories as the games evolved. We set up a monitoring site, based on our platform and shown on our dashboard, that tracked things like; how many tickets were available day to day on eBay, what teams got the most tweets, what players got the most tweets, the odds of who the winner would be as the games progressed and who was favored at the start.  Take a look at the infographic below and see how they did. We hope you enjoyed the World Cup as much as we did and that you enjoyed the monitors we had set up for you.



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