Monitoring With Monitis – Always Something New



The Monitis suite of monitoring and performance tools is already powerful and extensive but as always we are never satisfied and are continually looking for ways to improve. Today we are announcing the addition of two new features that will help our clients in their monitoring efforts.



Monitor ZOOM:  We have activated the zoom feature so that on any monitor you can now zoom in to get a clearer view of what you see displayed before you. This enhancement will have a significant impact on a user’s ability to see monitored occurrences and anomalies with greater detail and granularity, both in real time as well as the previous thirty days monitoring results.  Zooming will assist in determining specifically when an occurrence happened, visually display the duration and thus allow faster and more accurate analysis of what happened.  The chart below depicts the specific zoom parameters for various time frames;

  • Current day                     down to 30 minute view
  • Previous Day                   down to 30 minute view
  • Previous 3 Days              down to 1 hour view
  • Previous 7 days               down to 1 hour view
  • Previous 30 days             down to 1 day view





Collapsed View: The collapsed view for external monitors provides a minimized version of the monitor on screen but with the most recent test results shown as text in the minimize toolbar. This feature should be especially useful for customers that have a large number of monitors on a tab because with the collapsed view they can maintain visual contact with more monitors and information within a single screen.  This feature will enable a user to maintain a fully global view of his network.
  • If only one location was selected on the standard view, collapsed view will show the last test result from this location and will refresh on the scheduled interval as per the clients profile.
  • If several locations were selected on the standard view, collapsed view will show the average of last test results from the selected locations. The average will be updated every 5 minutes.
  • If no location was selected on the standard view or for whatever reason no data was received (most probably due to internal error), collapsed view will show only expand icon.
  •  The screen below depicts the view of a mix of full and collapsed monitors.
Collapsed View

As we never sit still and are continually adding new features make sure you check back frequently so you don’t miss any of the new updates or services!

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