Monitoring Riak with Monitis

Basho - Riak Overview

The monitoring is easy thanks to our Monitis Monitor Manager (M3), which is a framework to easily create and gather data for custom types of system and application monitors. We’ have much covered how it works with different platforms and solutions previously and today we would like to introduce you how it works with Riak. You can learn about what Riak key metrics to use for monitoring it.


riak_monitor.xml is a template for Monitis Monitor Manager.

It allows  you to retrieve some statistical data from Riak via REST API


To use it, you have to install the Monitis Monitor Manager (M3) according to its installation rules.

In a few steps, it can be done like this:

Installation from GITHUB

riak 1riak2riak3 

Edit the /etc/m3.d/ with your favorite editor.

Change the return values of the functions presented below with your  APIKEY  &  SECRETKEY.


Replace the XXX with your APIKEY & SECRETKEY



Now run:

# monitis-m3 –dry-run –once /path/to/riak/template/riak_monitor.xml

This is a dry run which doesn’t send any monitoring data to Monitis, and is used to ensure that all is OK.  It also runs just once and not in a loop.

Afterwards, you can run:

# monitis-m3 /path/to/riak/template/riak_monitor.xml


This graph represents test results gathered by M3 with riak_ monitor.xml template within 2 days.

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