Monitoring Employee Web Activity the Smart Way

As an IT manager, have you been given the task of monitoring employee web browsing activities? This is a very scary and daunting topic for lots of folks (Nobody likes to be monitored, and who has time to do the watching?). But if you use the right tools, it doesn’t have to be so painful.

The simplest way is by monitoring your firewall or router log files, but this requires time, and if you don’t have it, how are you going to catch potential abuse?

But there are products out there that can take a good chunk of the workload off of you.

Some software does the monitoring and provides the reporting.

Others are more sophisticated. For instance, some analyze behavior patterns, create models and then look for departures from those patterns. Others actually take action to prevent abuse, for instance, by filtering emails for obscene content and then alerting supervisors.

Using modeling-based software to screen employee web usage is much more efficient and far less intrusive on employees.

For more information on specific products that can help you monitor employee web activities the smart way, read this article.

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