Monitoring Automation with the Monitis WHMCS Plugin

WHMCS is the complete automation solution for Web Hosting companies. Its purpose and value is that it automates hosting and domain management, recurring billing and has fully integrated support tools. Monitis is excited to announce that we have increased our suite of services by now introducing the Monitis Addon for WHMCS. With the Monitis Addon for WHMCS , hosting companies can now experience the huge value of having their monitoring needs fully automated! With this new product, once you have it set up all servers that you add will automatically add the associated monitors to your dashboard.


dashboard-screenshot 1


No longer will you need to suffer through the time consuming task of adding and setting up every monitor every time you add servers, everything is integrated, synchronized, automatic and done in an instant. With this you can;


Expand Your Services – Notice outages before your customer does and by offering your customers cloud-based monitoring you can now react in real time if problems occur.

Win New Customers – Improve your uptime, demonstrate your responsiveness and use your enhanced performance as a sales opportunity.

Grow Your Business – Maximize your clients‘ user experience, profit from their increased satisfaction and see your successful business flourish.


Once you have added this new product, you will see the benefits immediately and they will prove themselves to be more and more valuable to you as time goes by.


Fully integrated – Everything in one place. Conveniently setup Monitis in WHMCS through our API. We provide the necessary keys.

Maintain Oversight – Keep track of what‘s happening. Our plugin provides a status overview of your servers, monitor snapshots and detailed monitoring results.

Automated Control  – We keep it simple. The Monitis plugin automatically creates monitors for newly added servers and lists the existing ones.

Predefine your Settings – Monitoring everything effortlessly. Define your default monitor types and their parameters to further reduce your amount of work.

Easy Reselling – Using WHMCS with the Monitis plugin can help unlock another source of potential revenues.


So if you are a Web Hosting provider and want to increase your; service reliability, client trust, revenues and save work and time – then start taking advantage of the Monitis WHMCS Addon today. If you need any help getting this all set up and running just visit our support site here. In nothing flat you will be fully automated, saving time, improving your service and work life and will be the “talk of the town” because of what a great job you are doing.



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