Monitor your Windows Servers, Free!

Today we are launching something that we think is truly groundbreaking: Free Internal Monitoring. Now users of Mon.itor.Us, the free Monitis, can download our internal agents into Windows and Linux servers and monitor CPU, Memory, Disk, Load Average, MySQL, Processes, HTTP, Ping, and even SNMP, for free. Best of all, since we are a hosted service, all the performance data gets pushed to our cloud and you can access/manage it from anywhere. We hope IT Managers will enjoy free usage of software that’s typically very expensive. Here’s how to get started on a Windows machine.

1. Login to Mon.itor.Us.
2. Go to Monitors>Add Monitor>Internal and hit next.Monitor your Windows Servers, Free!

3. This is the Internal Monitoring Wizard. Select the Windows agent on the right. This will download Setup.exe.
4. Install the agent file. Once installed, you may log into the agent with your Mon.itor.Us login.
Monitor your Windows Servers, Free!
5. Once you’ve logged in, name the agent, click Register, and then Start Agent. You’ll see the agent log generates some information to show that the agent is running properly.
6. Log back into Mon.itor.Us and go back to the Internal Monitoring Wizard as you did in step 2.
7. Select the agent you’ve installed and the metrics you’d like to monitor. Set the thresholds for each metric, for example CPU <90%. Then click Add.
8. The monitors will be added to your dashboard as movable widgets.Monitor your Windows Servers, Free!

The free internal monitors will do a check every 30 minutes, and there is currently no limit on how many you can add. The next post will go through a setup on Linux.