Monitor Performance from any Location

Monitis offers international systems monitoring network for external monitoring of web applications and services. Most companies are only concerned about their site availability and access from major countries like US, Germany, UK, Australia etc. and they are happy to use the existing monitoring network. Although there are cases when companies may need to measure performance from a very specific location, which could be a partner network, a remote office, a specific ISP network or a particular country.

We have a case when a large company has a worldwide network of partners working on the company extranet application. They complain about the speed of access and application performance. In order to monitor their user experience Monitis software agents could be easily installed right on their partner desktops. Low-footprint agents continuously probe remote services and measure fault and performance of the corporate web server submitting performance data via internet to Monitis Central Server. Monitis Smart Agents use https protocol to go through local firewalls to submit data to the central server. Corporate IT can now monitor performance of their applications from their partners’ point of view using dashboard on the Central Server. Additionally they could also be notified about application, network, VPN, firewall failures and performance degradation and can quickly find the root cause.

Monitis provides agents for Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms.

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