Monitis’s Exciting Achievements, Impressive Roadmap in 2010

logoWe at Monitis wish you a very successful New Year — especially to our large (over 60,000) and loyal users community! While we’re at it, we thought we’d bring you up to speed on some impressive milestones we passed in 2010 and also give you a look ahead at where we’re heading in 2011.

It’s quite an impressive roadmap we’ve got before us.

First, we had a very fruitful 2010.  Usually, we do small, tweaking updates on a weekly basis, but we also had some major releases.  Let’s take a look at some of the important developments we initiated last year:

  • We’ll start with December:

o   For It Pros On The Road: Monitis Debuts Android Monitoring App – We launched a down-loadable Anrdoid (all the rage now) Monitis App.

  • October

o   Monitis Announces Game-Changing Events Monitoring as a Service;  We added a revolutionary server logs and system events monitoring service.

  • September

o   Monitis reaches breakeven

  • August

o   Monitis Now Speaks Singlish, Lah! Adds a New Monitoring Node in Singapore; We added a new real-user uptime and performance monitoring location in Singapore.

o   Real Madrid. FC Barcelona. Monitis? Monitis Adds a New Monitoring Node in Spain; The very same month, we added a new real-user uptime and performance monitoring location on the other side of the world — in Spain.

o   Holy Moly! Monitis Mobile Converts From Static Images to Open-Source HTML5; Real time charts in rich HTML5 are so much prettier and more useful than static images of charts, no?

  • June

o   Monitis Gets Religion! Becomes the First Monitoring Dashboard to Convert from Flash to Open-Source HTML5; Again, content is one thing, but then there’s looks, too. We switched from flash views to HTML5 for better user experience, security and convenience.

o   Is Your Site a Tortoise or a Hare? Monitis Introduces the Full Page Test Tool; We’ve gotten so much praise for this innovation, especially from small businesses eager to compete on the Web. We added full-page, real-browser monitoring, and it’s helping customers figure out what they need to do to add some zip to their sites.

  • May

o   The Kind of Stalker You Brag About Having – Monitis Introduces the “Monitored by Monitis” Program; We thought you’d like to tell your friends about how smart you are, so Monitis created badges for your website (You know, like a “My Son is a Rhodes Scholar” bumper sticker).

o   Monitis Launches a New Plan to Help Universities Stay Green and Cut Costs; A growing number of K-12 schools as well as universities want to get in on savings and efficiencies from the Cloud, too. So we announced new pricing especially for the world of academia.

o   James Bond Meets IT Management: Monitis Announces Monitis Mobile – mobile web interface for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry smartphones.

o   From Monitoring to Management: Monitis Introduces a New SSH/Telnet Server Management Tool; Hooray, another tool to make life easier for sysadmins. We added an SSH tool to access servers right from the dashboard.

  • April

o   Innovating at Warp-Speed: Monitis Announces Java Monitoring from the Cloud; We began offering Java, JMX monitoring as a service. Good for keeping a close eye on how your apps are performing.

o   “Hello Jim, You’ve Got a Problem”: Monitis Announces Live-Voice Alert Notifications; Did you sleep through another text alert warning you that your server’s down? Well, why shouldn’t you; it’s 3 a.m. Now, though, you can get live voice notifications via your phone — courtesy of Monitis.

o   A Radical Among Revolutionaries: Monitis Named to the OnDemand 100; An industry distinction for Monitis!

  • March

o   Transaction Monitoring Enhancements: the Best Cloud-based Monitoring Suite Just Got Better; We made the best even better via a real-browser, web applications workflow monitoring service.

o   A World-Class Website for a Revolutionary Service; A new face! We introduced a new Monitis portal

  • February

o   Saving IT Managers Time: Monitis Now Partners GoGrid in SLA 3rd Party Monitoring; In an effort to expand our universe and give you more monitoring coverage, we added GoGrid monitoring to Monitis Cloud monitoring services. The list goes on.

o   Hallo Holland! Monitis Adds a New Monitoring Location in the Netherlands; Yet another new monitoring location — this time in the  Netherlands, a land where they’ve made monitoring (for dyke leaks) a science.

Think those were great accomplishments? Get ready for 2011; it’ll be even more intensive. Expect more server and network monitoring tools, tools you never could imagine would be in the Cloud.

Premiere Monitis and its free sister service, Mon.itor.Us, are well positioned to further implement our company’s mission to make holistic monitoring tasks easy and fast for busy sysadmins and IT managers. Our vision is to make monitoring anything, anytime and from anywhere from the Cloud a reality for more and more IT pros.  ( is a free service for small companies and individuals; Monitis is a premium service for mission critical businesses.) With over five years of development, 60 man-years of R&D experience, 15% month over month user growth, low churn rate, excellent customer support and more than 60,000 IT pro subscribers, our team is confident that we will deliver that vision.

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