Monitis Wins “Innovators Showcase” at 451 Group Client Event

I’m very excited to tell you that Monitis won top showing in the Innovators Showcase during The 451 Group’s recent 4th Annual Client Conference in Boston. This is a very proud moment for me and my colleagues.

We were part of a group of six technology companies that 451 Group invited. We all got a chance to present our services and products (ours was called “Monitoring in the Cloud: Monitor Anything from Anywhere”) to the audience of 300 or so attendees (venture capitalists, investment bankers, enterprise IT end users, software and hardware vendors and system integrators). Attendees had 451 Group scrip, which they then used to award as facsimile investment dollars to the most deserving of us. Monitis received the most investment scrip.

Monitis Wins “Innovators Showcase” at 451 Group Client Event

Why did we win? Well, I think that, a lot of people already understand that the cloud promises to make it a lot easier for companies to access applications and store a kajillion Gigs of data or so without investing tons of money and using up precious internal resources. But what I think a lot of folks don’t realize yet is that the cloud is also rapidly becoming home base to innovative service industries – such as Monitis’s cloud-based monitoring.

I was impressed by the level of interest among the investors in how we can use the cloud to monitor everything from sites to servers to networks to printers to SMS and so on. And I think we demonstrated very effectively how doing it via the cloud saves companies money and labor and allows them to put those dollars or euros or whatever where they want it: in growth strategies. And that’s nothing to turn your nose up at during these rough economic times.

Also, my thanks to Schoolwires, Inc., a company that provides strategic online communication, website and community management and productivity solutions to K-12 schools. They were there in Boston giving us a testimonial, and I’m grateful for their support. Schoowires has been using our all-in-one suite of cloud-based monitoring tools for more than two years to track and report on activity on the 1,200-plus web sites they manages. And they’ve reaped major efficiencies and reduced costs, among other benefits.

We were up against some pretty tough competition in the Innovators Showcase, and I was impressed by everybody’s presentations, too. Congrats to everyone who participated!