Monitis versus Site24x7

We continue comparing our service with other website monitoring services: In the chart below you will see there are significant differences, and thus advantages, of our service versus our competition – and we are always improving, enhancing and adding more features and services. Plus we are less expensive, the ultimate win win!

Site Monitoring Features site24x7 Monitis
Monitoring Frequency 1min 1min
Monitored Protocols HTTP,HTTPs, Mail, keyword check, DNS HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, PING, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, SIP, DNS, TCP, UDP, MySQL. keyword check,
Alert Contact SMS, Email, RSS Email, SMS, Phone Call, Google Talk message, Twitter, Pager Duty or also post alerts to your URL
Contacts Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-step applications (transaction) monitoring Yes Yes
User management (subaccounts) Yes Yes
Configuration management Yes
Server CPU, memory, storage, process monitoring Yes Yes
Intranet application monitoring (agent based) Yes Yes
Web Visitor tracking Yes Yes
Customizable real-time dashboard Yes
Embeddable widgets (iGoogle, Netvibes, Yahoo) Yes
Web based Yes Yes
Dedicate instance in the cloud with permanent license (optional) Yes Yes
Price per 1 URL (1min) $10.00 $1.20


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