Monitis Unveils The World’s First Free On-demand MySQL Monitoring

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SAN JOSÉ, CA., June 27, 2011 –  Any system administrator worth his or her salt knows that data is the oxygen of the modern age.

To keep the oxygen flowing Monitis Inc., the award-winning provider of the world’s first all-in-one systems monitoring platform, announces that users can now monitor their MySQL-operated database servers. The new hosted MySQL monitoring service is available immediately.

“Our new MySQL monitoring service ensures high availability of database servers and performs a host of tasks to ensure MySQL is running smoothly,” said Monitis Founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan. “And because MySQL is the most popular database in use today, perhaps never before can so many system administrators get so much for free.”

The service works with a tiny Linux software agent that can monitor inside an organization’s firewall and distributed systems. The Monitis agent connects to a local or remote database, collects a variety of health and performance metrics and submits the information to the Monitis platform. Users can view the information in real-time graphics on a web-based dashboard. Users can also set up notifications (should their database go down or pass a certain level of access volume) based on client-defined thresholds and rules.

Some metrics tracked and reported on by Monitis MySQL service — which can be set up in minutes — include:

  • Database size
  • Resource utilization
  • Analysis of responsiveness/latency
  • Analysis of throughput
  • Database usage
  • Scalability

These metrics can also be studied alongside other server health monitoring information that Monitis offers, for example, CPU and RAM.

“The metrics for any database revolve around responsiveness of the system, throughput, and scalability,” said Avoyan. “Our MySQL database monitoring service offers these and much more kinds of metrics, and thus assists with all kinds of user goals.

“For example, for multiple users, the measuring of throughput metrics is key, while monitoring response time and latency is just what system administrators need for heavy job execution,” continued Avoyan. “For resource planning, the scalability metrics — such as database size, load, concurrent connections, threads, and locks — would be the top-of-the-list.”

With Monitor.Us’s free MySQL service, administrators can monitor both raw and calculated MySQL performance data.

“No matter which metric you’re looking at, the bottom line is that our hosted MySQL health and peformance monitoring is a tremendously convenient new tool to help system administrators not only quickly react to issues arising, but also to prevent them in the first

About Monitis

Monitis believes that the Cloud is the biggest thing to happen in IT management since IT management. Having seen this vision early, Monitis is now the global leader in developing this market.  It is the first affordable network and systems monitoring solution based 100% in the Cloud. Besides Monitis’ enthusiastic and loyal user base of 70,000 customers from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and educational institutions, Monitis has won rave reviews from the technology analyst community, such as “Most Innovative Start-Up″ from The 451 Group, a listing in OnDemand 100, a ranking by Morgan Stanley, KPMG, and AlwaysOn, of 100 top private companies globally.

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