Monitis: Unlimited Monitoring for Webmasters



Monitis Inc., a leading provider in monitoring websites, servers, network and applications, announces a new unlimited plan for Webmasters. This unprecedented offer allows monitoring of dedicated or virtual private servers (VPS) and web sites at one low flat fee regardless of the number of checks, hosted applications and domain names.  

Professional Webmasters often use dedicated or virtual private servers (VPS) to host several web sites and applications per single server. According to usage analysis data from Mon.itor.Us, 20% percent of HTTP monitors check more than one URL per single server/IP. There are cases that check up to 194 URLs per a server. From those who use multiple hosts per server, 20% have 4 and more monitoring hosts per server.

Webmaster Unlimited addresses the need for monitoring multiple hosts per server. Monitis new plan allows unlimited external web experience and internal resource monitoring per server.  Currently, Webmasters pay to monitor every single check! Monitis allows Webmasters to add as many checks/URLs per server as needed and gain full control over multiple hosted applications, availability and performance. With name-based virtual hosting, the server relies on the client to report the hostname as a part of the HTTP headers. Using this technique, many different hosts can share the same IP address. Webmasters can host 100+ websites and email servers with higher end servers.

Unlimited numbers of checks are possible for both external end-to-end user experience monitoring, and for server resource monitoring to include: CPU, memory, and storage. Webmasters can monitor any number of server processes (for example Apache web server, Java/PHP processes, Tomcat, IIS, etc.) and set thresholds for warning notifications. They can also check performance and uptime for databases and email servers. Server monitoring has both agent based and agentless monitors. Agents are available for Linux, Windows and Sun servers.

Monitis Webmaster Unlimited is priced competitively. At $49.98 per month per server or $498 per year users can have several hundred monitors per single IP, making the price per monitor one of the lowest. Check frequency can be set from 1 min to 60 min intervals without any limitations. The lower the check interval, the sooner Webmasters will be notified about the outage, reaching a better uptime and user experience.

For customers who signup during September, Monitis introduces a special introductory price at $298/year per server (save $200!).

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  • Unhappy

    We signed up for the webmaster unlimited package, but aren’t too happy with the level of support we’ve received so far.

    The website seems to suggest that 100 SMS text alerts are included in the package, but once we’ve signed up it appears that there are no SMSs included in the fee.

    I have contacted support via email 4 times, over a period of over a week and have yet to receive a reply. This isn’t very impressive.

  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for commenting. Sorry, we didn’t get all your emails you had sent us for some reason. Which Email address did you use?

    Meantime, Webmasters Unlimited does not include SMS text alerts. You can buy SMS right there from your account using left menu bar “Buy SMS” for $0.25/per message.

    Please get back, if further help is needed.

  • Much happier

    OK, we’re much happier now.

    It seems that our emails were being lost in the ether and that’s why Monitis never got back to us. We also misunderstood the packages (the Webmaster package isn’t in the features chart at the bottom of the homepage, which lead to to the confusion).

    It’s all sorted now, and we’re back up and running. Thanks to Mikayel for helping to sort it all out.