Monitis-Top… Adding Support for FullPage Monitors and Code Optimizations

VBSccript_iconSo far we’ve added support for Internal and External Monitors in Monitis-Top. Now let’s add functionality to support querying the FullPage Monitors. We also made some changes to optimize the source code and utilize the available “topResult” functions in the Monitis API. In our initial article we showed how to use the API functions that deal specifically with Internal and External monitors. If you missed our first Monitis-Top article, you can view it here.

FullPage Monitors

Just as with the Internal and External monitors, you can retrieve the results for all monitors, for a single FullPage monitor, or use a wildcard to view a specific group of FullPage monitors. If you want to view the results of all FullPage monitors, enter the following on the commandline:

cscript MonitisTop.vbs /cmd:listagents /type:fullpage /monitors:all

If you want to view the results of just one or a group of monitors, use the following syntax:

cscript MonitisTop.vbs /cmd:listagents /type:fullpage /monitors:test

This will show all monitors where the name contains ‘test’.

VBScript Source Code

The code below shows the GetFullpageMonitors function. This function is similar to the ones used to retrieve the internal and external monitor results. It places the call to the API to retrieve the FullPage results, using the ‘detailedResults’ option and then enumerates the results.



The GetFullpageMonitors function uses the following API call:” & apikey & “&output=xml&action=topFullpage&limit=50&detailedResults=true

Note that the action parameter uses topFullpage. Similarly, we have updated the Monitis-Top functions to retrieve the Internal monitor results as follows:” & apikey & “&output=xml&action=top” & strMonitorName & “&limit=50&detailedResults=true”

Using these API calls requires less client-side code and provides a more efficient method of retrieving the ‘top’ results. The complete and updated source code for Monitis-Top can be downloaded from GistHub.

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